Ready To Burn

David Ward Firewood (est. 2005) sources wood from local woodlands and takes pride in supplying kiln-dried and seasoned hardwood and softwood that is ready to burn. The moisture content of the wood we supply has always been an important consideration, as wood with too high a water content increases the amount of harmful pollution released from the burning process. In addition, too high a water content creates more ash in the fire and increases the amount of dirt on the glass of the wood burner. In the case of an open fire, more dirt and pollutants are released into the home. In 2014 we installed a kiln so we could make sure that the wood we supplied had the optimum moisture content, 20% or less moisture. Our wood has been consistently ‘ready to burn’ since that moment, 7 years before the The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuel Standards England) Regulations were introduced.

These Regulations which will apply from 1 May 2021 shows the government is now recognising the problems wet wood is causing. The new regulations aim to reduce this harmful pollution in domestic homes by ensuring wood sold in volumes of under 2Mis certified as having a moisture content of 20% or less. Businesses that supply wood that meet these new requirements will be audited and if the regulations are met can now state the wood they supply is Ready to Burn.

Hardwood, Softwood & Mixed Wood Ready To Burn by David Ward

Ready to burn certificates Hardwood WS727/00001, Softwood WS727/0002, Mixed Wood WS727/00003

Ready To Burn Firewood

Ready to Burn firewood has been checked by independent inspectors auditing the moisture content of the wood to be sold at the supplier’s site.

In addition to addressing the moisture content of wood sold, more emphasis is being placed on the sourcing of timber and the importance of responsible harvesting from sustainable, managed woodlands. This has been a core basis of my business since I founded David Ward Firewood.

In 2020 95% of the wood we sold was harvested within 10 miles of my yard in Woofferton. Every harvested woodland had plans in place for onward management and re-planting of the woodland if appropriate. As part of the Ready to Burn certification the legality of the harvested wood must be proved. Whilst this will not stop the import of wood from areas such as the Baltic that then has 1000’s of miles to travel to reach the UK leaving the Baltic forests decimated, it’s a step in the right direction.

If you would like more information about the Ready to Burn wood standard please try here.